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Are you suffering from back or spine problems? Have you recently had spinal surgery, yet are feeling discomfort as a result of scar tissue? Center conditions of the spine and back are best relieved by Epiduroscopy treatment. This minimally invasive, safe procedure is an effective way to eliminate the pain associated with certain back problems, as well as guide doctors in diagnoses. OCP Medical Center is happy to announce that we offer Epidurscopy. Let’s review who is a potential candidate for Epidurscopy and what the procedure entails.

What conditions call for an Epiduroscopy?

  • Spinal surgery adhesions that have formed near the spine resulting in pain.
  • Chronic sciatica.
  • Epidurscopy can also be used to detect scar tissue or adhesions more precisely.

Epiduroscopy procedure

First, the patient lies on his or her stomach and a numbing agent is injected into the back. Next, a needle is passed through the sacral hiatus until it reaches the spine. A guide wire is then placed through the needle and dilators placed over the guide wire until the passageway is opened up for the epiduroscope.

A tiny camera is able to fit at the tip of a catheter so that the surgeon can see exactly where the adhesion or scar tissue is; the adhesion is then broken down by the catheter. An injection of local anesthesia is administered to reduce pain. The patient is watched for a period of time after the procedure to ensure all went well and then discharged to go home.

At OCP Medical, we take every patient’s pain issues to heart and find a solution for happiness. With expert staff, we are experienced to handle all of your pain management needs. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us today!

Epiduroscopy OCP Medical Center

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