Living with chronic pain is a difficult position to be in. If you are at the end of your rope with your back pain and need a new option, it is time to consider back pain treatment in Dubai. OCP Medical Center in Dubai has a pain management clinic with highly qualified and experienced pain management specialist: Dr. Henk van Driel, with more than 30 years experience.

If back pain is keeping you from living your daily life and participating in leisure activities you enjoy, it is time to see a pain management specialist. Chronic pain is defined as pain experienced for more than 12 weeks. Everyone has a different pain threshold so some people seek help with chronic pain right away while other people live years with the pain before they see a specialist. But at OCP  Medical Center  in Dubai, we believe you do not have to live with pain and we have a number of procedures to help you.

What are some things that Dr. Henk van Driel  can do for your back pain?

  • Receive a treatment plan with pain medication and pain programs.
  • Get an epidural injection, facet joint procedure, nerve blockade, or chemical and/or radiofrequency ablation facet joint.
  • Advanced pain management treatments for chronic pain: Neurostimulation, Nucleoplasty, Epiduroscopy and others.

If you live in Dubai or are traveling here for business or pleasure and need to see a pain specialist for your back pain, contact us today at OCP Medical Center in Dubai. Our experienced specialists will come up with a pain management plan that will get your life back to normal.

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