Many people with chronic or acute pain find physiotherapy in Dubai a helpful alternative to surgery. There are many reasons that people suffer from muscle pains. The following can cause chronic or acute pain: sports injuries, herniated discs, scoliosis, or other injuries to the back or neck. At OCP Medical Center, our experienced team of physiotherapists works holistically with patients to provide complete care. Here are three ways a physiotherapist will help patients live a fuller pain-free life:

Rehabilitation after an injury

People suffering from an injury are in need of rehabilitation. Through physiotherapy and rehabilitation patients regain strength of their muscles once again. Our experienced staff in Dubai first assesses your problem and then determines a course of action. After determining what the cause of the problem is they will use the appropriate method of intervention such as electrotherapeutic treatment, manual therapy, or exercise therapy.


Working with the physiotherapist has other benefits aside from helping you after an injury. Therapists analyze your particular physical abilities, strengths, and weaknesses so they can formulate a customized physical prevention plan for you. This will help you use your body in the most effective way so as to prevent injury in the future.


Physiotherapist also benefits their patients by promoting health and fitness strategies. Through education and strength training, patients become stronger, feel healthier, and consequently, live longer.

At OCP Medical Center, we strive to bring the best in therapy, pain management, and rehabilitation for our patients because we care. Contact us today via 04-3519933 or send us an email [email protected] for more information about our services in Dubai.

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