If you live in United Arab Emirates and are applying to get a second passport or residence in another country, many countries require a medical certification as a part of the application. At OCP Medical Center, we provide the full check-up and laboratory tests necessary for you to complete a visa application or citizen application.

We know at OCP Medical Center that many of our clients are truly global citizens, residing or traveling to multiple places around the world on a regular basis. Whether it is for business or luxury, many of our clients require medical certification services.

Why Choose OCP Medical Center?

Besides the fact that we do these check-ups regularly so we know what your visa or passport applications are looking for, we are also located in the luxurious Fairmont Dubai Hotel, across from the World Trade Centre. This provides for easy access and you can be in and out of your appointment in no time. We also offer an expert team of physicians and specialists from Europe and all over the world. We know your visa or citizenship applications are of the highest priority to you so they are for us too. Quick turnarounds on your lab work and certifications allow you to move on quickly with your application process. We are prepared to give you an immunizations you need as well.

If you are with a company that needs to arrange check-ups for a number of staff members for traveling/visa purposes, we can set up a corporate screening as well. We use intermediaries for citizenship and visa agencies for an integrated solution and added value in the application process.

For more information on medical certifications for citizenship or visa applications, contact us today at OCP Medical Center via 04-3519933 or send us an email [email protected]

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