Prevention is better than cure

Our Check-Up Center offers a wide range of healthcare screening packages for your medical needs. Ranging from executive health check-ups to individual tests, we can arrange this for you. Our Check-Up Center also offers corporate screenings.

Check-Up Packages

›  Elite Check-Up
›  Premier Check-Up
›  Essential Check-Up
›  VIP Check-Up

Laboratory Testing

›  DNA & Genetic Test
›  Pre-Marital Screening
›  Hormones Testing
›  Women’s Health Testing
›  Tumor markers
›  Allergy Testing
›  Food Intolerance Testing

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Health Check-Up Packages

Blood sample for allergy profile test

Profile Screenings

We offer several bundles for specific profile testing. Below are some of the options available:

  • Cancer Screening
  • Allergy Screening
  • Sport Screening
  • Psychological Screening

Corporate Services OCP Check Up center

Corporate Services

We can provide professional care to your staff, for both primary and secondary healthcare services. This can reduce absence and improve your staff’s wellbeing.

Several options are:

  • Group Health Screening
  • Preventive medical testing
  • Primary Healthcare services
  • Secondary Healthcare services

Why Choose OCP Medical Center?

Always a personal treatment plan
Medical team with over 25 years experience
Quick turnaround times and service
Board-registered specialists


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