OCP Medical Center offers a wide range of treatments for active acne. Before we treat, we perform a comprehensive skin analysis. This way we can decide your skin type and the extent of active acne. 

After this we will establish which acne treatment (or which combination of acne treatments) would give you the best results. At OCP Medical Center you are treated by an experienced medical team.

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More information about acne

Acne is a common problem: 85-100% of the people will ever experience acne. The cause for acne to develop is excess production of sebum (the oil in your skin).

When the sebum can not be normally excreted from the skin then, partly due to the accumulation of old skin cells, clogged pores develop. The bacteria 'Propionibacterium Acnes' causes inflammation of that clogged pore, which ultimately results in the formation of a pimple.


Treatment for acne

OCP Medical Center features a range of treatments to minimize and treat (active) acne. Treatment options include IPL treatments using special anti-bacterial wavelength filters, peelings, medication or others depending on the results skin analysis and your initial consultation.

You can read more about this treatment in the tabs below.

Skin Analysis

OCP Medical Center offers different options for treating active acne, or a combination of treatments. Before we will treat your skin, our medical team will perform a comprehensive skin analysis. This skin analysis will help us define what type of skin and acne you have.

Based on the skin analysis, we will evaluate which treatment will give you the best results. You will always receive an honest advice at OCP Medical Center.


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