Pigmentation is created by melanin cells. These cells are located in the lowest layer of the skin. The influence of UV rays (for instance from the sun) increases the number of active melanin cells and therefore the production of melanin/pigmentation increases.

Too much UV-rays, irritation of the skin or hormonal influences can disrupt this process, which causes the melanin to bulk up in the skin and creates pigmentation. Pigmentation spots that are located in the upper skin layers are usually treated most easily.

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More information about pigmentation

Pigmentation can also arise after wounds, acne or around surgical scars. This form of pigmentation is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The cause of this hyperpigmentation is due to an inflammation. Age spots, also called lentigo, are usually bigger and have a clear, round shape and mostly arises in middle-aged people.

The cause for pigmentation spots in the skin is mostly due to too much exposure to the sun.  This is the reason that you most often see pigmentation spots on the face, on the hands or on the décolleté.


Treatment for pigmentation

OCP Medical Center features highly effective and safe treatments for pigmentation. For pigmentation, we typically recommend treatment with IPL using the Lumenis M22 System. This system is considered one of the most advanced and effective systems on the market today.

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During your initial consultation, everything will be discussed related to the treatment of pigmentation spots: which treatment method is best for you, what results you may expect, possible side effects and after care. You will always receive honest advice and clear information about the treatment and the period afterwards.

Prior to any skin treatment, one of our staff will register all your details and will conduct a skin analysis. It might be necessary to take some pictures of the area that will be treated for your treatment file.

After the treatment

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