Rosacea is a skin condition that is often confused with other skin conditions, such as couperosis. In both conditions, red blood vessels are visible in the face. We often also see small bumps and/or pimples (papules) and more general redness. Sometimes even greater inflammation occurs in the pustules. Rosacea can therefore also resemble acne, but it is a completely different condition. OCP Medical Center offers effective treatments for people experiencing rosacea.

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More information about rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition, the cause of which is unknown. However, we know that different factors are influencing rosacea. For example, UV radiation and the transformation from cold to warm (from A/C to outdoors) can affect the skin's appearance. The general redness in the face and the superficial vessels may also be accompanied by small bumps and/or pimples, and sometimes even with increased inflammation of the skin.


Treatment for pigmentation

OCP Medical Center features highly effective and safe treatments for rosacea. For rosacea, we typically recommend treatment with IPL using the Lumenis M22 System. This system is considered one of the most advanced and effective systems on the market today.

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About 10% of the population is affected by rosacea. Women between the ages of 30 and 60 can especially be affected, but men can also be bothered. For a long time, there was little to do with this skin condition, but now we can treat using a variety of different methods well. The result depends on the severity. In addition, external factors may also affect the skin's appearance.

In addition to skin problems, rosacea sometimes causes eye problems. Often, patients experience a light burning or stinging sensation, like a sand grain in the eye. Depending on the complaints and the skin's appearance, the different characteristics of rosacea can be treated.

Different stages of rosacea:
Stage 1: general redness and superficial vascular disorders (telepathy / couperosis)
Stage 2: small bumps (papules) and pimples (pustules) develop
Stage 3: increased inflammation occurs. In some cases, a nasal thickening occurs (rhinophyma)
Stage 4: In addition to the above, the eyes are affected. There is a burning / itchy feeling, as if there is a sand granule in the eye

If you have rosacea, it is important that you use mild skin care products. The skin is quickly irritated and does not tolerate many ordinary cosmetic products. It is highly recommended to use skin products with a higher concentration of antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E. Try to further prevent factors that increase your rosacea as much as possible. Exposure to cold, heat or wind for example, eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol. Furthermore, you should also try to avoid sunlight as much as possible. When going out into the sun, use a sunscreen with a high protection factor (SPF).

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