Improving the Skin Texture

There are several treatment options to improve the texture and complexion of your skin if you experience:

›  Fine lines
›  Enlarged pores
›  Little acne scars
›  Dull or vale skin
›  Reduced elasticity of the skin

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Treatment options for skin texture improvements

To refine the skin texture, OCP Medical Center offers several treatment options:

  • By performing a superficial peeling, we can safely and effectively remove the upper skin layers containing dead and damaged skin cells. This treatments makes the 'healthy skin' below visible and your skin can glow again.
  • The TCA Peeling is a more intensive peeling that smoothes superficial wrinkles and discolorations of the skin. A TCA Peeling for the face will give a greatly refreshing and regenerating effect.
  • A PhotoFacial is a treatment that is performed for signs of skin aging in combination with texture imperfections. The skin radiance, texture and fine lines and wrinkles and smoothed. The skin looks and feels rejuvenated.
  • Laser Resurfacing using the ResurFX Laser makes wrinkles and fine lines on the face disappear. This technique is highly effective in providing a tight, smooth and younger-looking skin.

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