Superficial Peeling

Using a superficial peeling (such as a glycolic peeling), we can safely and effectively remove the top layers of the skin containing dead and damaged skin cells. This treatment will reveal the healthy skin below and gives a glowing effect.

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More information about a superficial peeling

When we get older, the quality of the skin decreases. Sun, stress, smoking and hormonal changes also influence the quality. The skin, which is made up out of millions of cells, loses its ability to remove dead or damaged skin cells and replace them with healthy new skin cells. The result is that your skin starts to look dull, loses its elasticity, get wider pores and gets a more rough texture. If you don't have active acne, but a very oily, blemished skin, then a superficial peeling (and in some cases an even a deeper peeling) can calm down the skin and make it smoother.

Glycolic acid has a positive effect on the skin ageing process. The condition of the skin will improve and the skin can retain moisture much better after a peeling with glycolic acid. Another peeling that is used often is the salicylic acid peeling. This is a milder peeling that is very suitable for sensitive skin. Salicylic acid is dissolvable in fat and therefore can penetrate deeper into the pores. This peeling can be very effectively used for treating acne. The TCA Peeling is a strong peeling that requires some specific after care, but leaves long-lasting results.


Superficial Peeling

We can treat patients with the following conditions using a superficial peeling:

  • Skin texture
  • Acne
  • Small wrinkles and fine lines
  • Dull skin

During your initial consultation, everything will be discussed related to the superficial peeling: which peeling is best for you, what results you may expect, possible side effects and after care. You will always receive honest advice and clear information about the treatment and the period afterwards.

Prior to any skin treatment, one of our staff will register all your details and will conduct a skin analysis. It might be necessary to take some pictures of the area that will be treated for your treatment file.

After the treatment

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