Treatment of Dull Skin

Aging decreases the quality of the skin. When reaching the age of 20, the sebum production in the skin reduces and the skin becomes drier. From age 30 the cell renewal process slows down. Sun, smoking, stress and hormonal changes also influence this. The skin, which is composed of millions of cells, loses its ability to get rid of dead or damaged skin cells to renew this with healthy new skin cells. The result is a dull, spotted skin with reduced radiance and complexion. Several treatment options at OCP Medical Center can help improve the skin quality significantly.

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More information about treating dull skin

There are many options for treating dull skin. It is possible by having a proper home skin care regimen, but there are also professional treatments available. These include superficial or TCA peelings, HydraFacial MD Treatments, IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatments, Skin Resurfacing Treatments using ResurFX and more. These can reduce the amount of damaged and dead skin cells safely and effectively. The result is a significantly brighter and smoother skin.


Treatment for dull skin

There are a lot of options for treating dull skin, therefore we will always perform a professional skin analysis during your initial consultation in our clinic. During this evaluation, we are able to establish which treatment will be most suitable for you.

Below is a summary of the most popular skin treatments at OCP Medical Center:

  • ResurFX Skin Resurfacing
  • IPL PhotoFacial
  • HydraFacial MD Treatment
  • Superficial Peeling or TCA Peeling
  • Other Medispa treatments

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