Treatment of Wrinkles

Would you like to lose the wrinkles that make you look older, or are you annoyed by the deep wrinkle between your eyebrows? There are several treatment options to smooth wrinkles at OCP Medical Center.

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More information about treating wrinkles

A wrinkle treatment at OCP Medical Center gives a different result depending on the area on the face. Our doctors are experts in the treatment of wrinkles. During the consultation you will receive extensive information about the treatment. If a minor treatment does not give the desired result, you can consider a surgical approach to the treatment of your wrinkles.


Treatments for wrinkles

Besides injections using BOTOX, we also offer treatments using a laser treatment or peeling to smoothen wrinkles.

Usually it is not only the wrinkles around the eyes that are annoying, but also lines around the mouth. Using injectables, or Dermal Fillers, we can correct the lips and hanging corners of the mouth to create the desired result. Fuller lips are of course also possible.

All injectables that OCP Medical Center uses, including the fillers and BOTOX, are temporary treatments. After a few months up to a year after the treatment, the effect is lost.

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