Health Check Up OCP

The Family doctors (GP’s) at OCP Medical Center are your first point of call in case of any healthcare needs. The family doctors at OCP Medical Center handle acute and chronic health problems and complaints.

Our medical team is available to assist you directly either through walk-in or by appointment.

A family doctor at OCP Medical Center:

  • Gives advice on everything related to your health
  • Is your primary contact for any health related issue and can refer you to other specialists if necessary
  • Examines your whole body when necessary
  • Performs minor procedures expertly
  • Provide medical care after an accident, including wound management
  • Prescribes medication when necessary
  • Takes care of male and female health issues
  • Provides medical care for children
  • Helps you through your pregnancy
  • Provides administrative support for various certificates
  • Ensures that he or she is constantly up to date and trained

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